"Spiritual sex opens you at all centers at once, animal to divine. Transcendent love is a religious experience. Every touch is The First, and time stands still. The senses are magnified a thousand times. Your partner becomes a Goddess or God, whom you worship in awe. You notice everything, and it all conveys tremendous meaning and potency. Foreplay is truly playful, breathtakingly tender. The pleasure is immediately and continuously perfect, the passion intense and profound. Time itself disappears and the Holy Universe becomes self-evident. Opening all your centers, engaging all your faculties, the animal/emotional/spiritual crescendo of love lasts forever, and the climax is an exquisite release of the body, the heart and the soul in a spectacular shared revelation of the Universal Self. The after-glow of such a cosmic physical union endures for days.. weeks. The experience is healing and unifying in every way."

— tantricserenity.com (via lucifelle)

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